Ball Around the World


What is Ball Around the World?

Ball Around the World  (BAW) is a project to connect and reconnect people. It starts with a ball. This ball is passed along from person to person, and hopefully with that, so is good energy. I’m hoping that as people are receiving and passing along their BAW balls, that they are creating a purpose for that BAW that is important or relevant to them. For me, my purpose was to show appreciation to my friends and family. I wrote a letter to each person that I gave a BAW Ball to, thanking them for having touched and impacted my life in some way.

You make up your own rules. The message can be to create awareness to drink more water, to smile, to thank somone, anything you want to create awareness about or you can tell them to take the ball and get lost. It is your choice and your opportunity to send around some good energy. Have fun with it! The possibilities are endless.

Where should I send the BAW ball?

Depending on the purpose of your Baw Ball, you may want to send it far away – or you may want to give it to your next-door neighbor. It doesn’t necessarily need to go far – it doesn’t even need to go fast! The ball is in your court, so it is completely your choice where it goes next.

Some people may choose to use their ball to see how many different places all over the world it will go. In this case, it may make more sense to send it far away so they can see immediate results on the Track-it Map. However, if the purpose of your ball is to send a specific message, you may not choose to send it so far. You could even give it to someone in your same household if that serves the purpose of your particular Baw Ball.

How do I get a Ball Around the World Ball?

Send us an email let us know where you are and feel free to donate between $2 and $324 for postage =)


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