These are some of the balls that are rolling around and being passed along.
“THE LUMBERJACK- Albany (USA), Esslingen (Germany)
“JACK RUSELL”- CastedeFels (Spain); San Diego, CA; Manhattan, Montana; Samara(Costa Rica), Boulder, Colorado
“ERWIN”- Bonn (Germany)
“DADA”-Cologne (Germany); Sunny Beach (Bulgaria)
“AFFEKOPF”- Karlsruhe (Germany);Surat Thani (Thailand)
“WUMBABA” – Bad Herrenalb (Germany); Lesbos (Greece)
“NAMELESS” – Rottweil (Germany)
“CORKY” – Cologne (Germany)
“HOMER” – Myrtle Beach ( USA)
“EMMA” – Munich (Germany), Tübingen(Germany); Madrid (Spain)
“BIKER” – Munich (Germany)
“ICKY” – Saugerties (USA), Woodstock, GA (USA)
“HOT POTATO” – Albany (USA; Saugerties (USA)
“ABNOBA”Gernsbach (Germany)
“FUZZY”Albany (USA)
“HAPPY TIMES”- Esslingen (Germany), Somewhere on a mountain in Italy
“EARL”- Benton (USA)
“HUMITIDY”- Denver, CO
“ETE PETETE” – Greece, Freiburg (Germany)
“ESCABAR”- St.Maarten, (Netherland Anitllies)
“BORING BALL” -Zürich, Switzerland
“MICK”- Harlem, New York, USA
 “SAUGERTIES” – Niceville, Florida, USA

“MISUNA” – Cologne, Germany, Heidenheim, Germany, Giengen-Ulm, Germany


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